An accessible museum

Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova aims to ensure that everyone has an equal right to move about within the museum and experience it with minimal hindrance.

Invalid carriages

Invalid carriages may leave their passengers directly outside the main entrance of the museum.

Floor maps

Floor maps are freely available in the lobby to aid in moving around the museum.

Personal aides and guide dogs

Personal aides have free entry to the museum. Guide dogs are also welcome.

Moving about in a wheelchair

Both floors of Ars Nova are accessible with a wheelchair. Roughly a third of the Aboa Vetus exhibition area is also accessible with an electric wheelchair. Visitors with lighter mobility aids can potentially access the entirety of the premises, provided they have assistance on stairs and cobbled floors. These uneven surfaces are a result of the museum's historical nature.

The entrance ramp to the museum is accessed from outside. Any visitors with wheelchairs are asked to contact the museum staff on arrival or in advance: info(at) | tel. +358 40 352 9085).

The conference and workshop room Factory, located by the lobby, comes equipped with its own separate access ramp. Please contact our staff at the ticket office.

The blind and partially sighted

All public areas of the museum have their respective tactile maps, available from the ticket office. These come in Finnish, Swedish and English. Magnifying glasses are also offered at the ticket office.

Aboa Vetus has reduced lighting conditions for the purposes of object preservation. The Aboa Vetus ruins also include stairways and thresholds and some areas have been impossible to furnish with handrails. It is not recommended for the blind or partially sighted to explore the exhibitions of Aboa Vetus without assistance.

Plain language guidebooks

The museum ticket office offers plain language guidebooks to ensure the accessibility of the Aboa Vetus permanent exhibition content. There are two distinct booklets: one written from the point of view of a medieval child and one that presents a more general view of medieval Turku.

Seating in the exhibition areas

Both Aboa Vetus and Ars Nova are furnished with seatings to be used by visitors. The ticket office also offers portable folding chairs.

Accessible restroom

The accessible restroom is located on the first floor of Ars Nova. Please contact the ticket office for directions.