Tickets -50% Tue-Fri Mar 9 -Mar 25 2010

NEWS | Published: 4.3.2010

Museum tickets are -50% from Tuesday to Friday between Mar 9 and Mar 25 due to building of a new exhibition in Aboa Vetus. Prices are normal during the weekends.

The whole museum is open during this time period, but the building may cause some distruction in the Aboa Vetus exhibition rooms. Current exhibitions in the museum are the Aboa Vetus permanent exhibition telling about the Middle Ages in Turku, and in Ars Nova, the exhibition \Because of Me, I Draw the Line\ and works from the art collection of Matti Koivurinta foundation.

The new exhibition that\s being built, \Sound Ways\, is a journey to medieval soundscapes. It opens the 26th of March.