Seminar and performance on monuments and remembrance on May 20 at 3 p.m.

NEWS | Published: 16.5.2016

Statues and monuments are spaces of remembrance and historical self-refection, sites of power in which stories are embedded and legitimized once again in the public arena. As we walk by them we tend to embody their stories and believe that they constitute the criteria to experience and measure our collective past and present realities. On May 20, visual artist and curator Márcelo Carvalho arranges a seminar  Meeting in Turku 2016 about statues and monuments and their relation to remembrance and memories. The panelists include Márcelo Carvalho, researcher, M. Sc., Riina Lundman and M. Sc., architect Panu Savolainen. The seminar will be held in Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova from 3 pm onwards and a performance related to the discussion by Márcelo Carvalho will be given after the seminar. Both the seminar and the performance are open for everyone.

The seminar A Meeting in Turku in 2015 aims to explore the power of public monuments over our collective and public memories, and debate about counter-monuments as alternative forms of sharing, continually, the power over our collective past. The seminar goal is to inspire both Turku and international audiences to imagine alternative ways to debate and act upon the ways monuments and statues pre-establish our collective history through hegemonic narrations.

Questions like who has the right to decide which stories to remember and which stories to forget or is a debate about the role of the decision makers in the making of memory welcomed are being discussed, as well as whether a noninstitutional group or individuals have the possibility to propose counter-memories to add permanently to those monuments and the stories they legitimize.

Márcelo Carvalho is an artist whose artistic practice is primarily focused on collective technologies and practices of remembering and how they influence individual and group memory of past events.

Kuva Marcio Carvalhon performanssista.