New Performance Turku brings performance art to Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova 2.–4.10

NEWS | Published: 28.9.2015

French & Mottershead: Afterlife. Image: Leigh Woods.
French & Mottershead: Afterlife. Image: Paul Blakemore.

Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova cooperates with New Performance Turku, which is a performance festival arranged for the fourth time this year. During the festival weekend 2.–4.10. a performance by the artist duo French & Mottershead can be experienced at the inner yard of the museum. The performance, a sound piece called Afterlife (Woodland), is a contemporary meditation upon our relationship with death, the body, place, nature and time. It draws on visceral experiences and insights from forensic anthropology, ecology and aesthetics.

Woodland is one of a developing series of audio narratives that invite listeners to reflect on what happens to their body after death in different environments – a deciduous woodland, a climate controlled art museum, an urban waterway, a domestic space – with each narrative compressing centuries into minutes.

French & Mottershead is UK artist duo Rebecca French and Andrew Mottershead. The duo makes situations in which people can think again about who they are, their ties to place, and one another. They use art as a site of experience, by engaging mind and body with tangible narratives that disturb and develop the sense of self in our fast evolving environments. Working across performance, photography, film and installation they’ve shown extensively in international contexts including museums, galleries, festivals and in the public realm.


Friday 2.10. at 2–6pm
Saturday 3.10. at 12am–4pm + Afterwork discussion at 1–2pm
Sunday 4.10.2015 at 12am–4pm