Hannele Rantala's Performance Piece Sand Circle on Saturday 10.5. at 13.00

NEWS | Published: 14.4.2014

Hannele Rantala is one of the artists presented in the exhibition Photography Into Art. The Hannula & Hinkka Collection. Rantala's performance piece Sand Circle consists of 120 pictures and text. Sand Circle is a visual work done over a period of five years that starts out with a circle drawn in sand. The narrator of the piece lives in many phases of time simultaneously and the piece itself works on several levels.

In the performance of the work, a stack of pictures is placed on a table. Behind the table there is a chair for the viewer. The artist herself is situated on the opposite side of the table where she presents the pictures of the artwork one by one. It is similar to looking at a painting, except here the artist is present and the experience of the viewer – an experience that usually remains private – becomes a part of the artwork.

Anyone can attend them for the price of the museum admittance. Welcome!