Game of Luck now available as a board game version

NEWS | Published: 30.3.2009

Game of Luck – a large-scale game for the whole family – can be played in Aboa Vetus in between changing exhibitions. The game takes place in medieval Turku and although the characters and events are fictitious, it is based on real historical setting and cultural facts.

Game of Luck is now also available as a board game version and it can be purchased at the museum shop Laurentius. The game is for two to six players and it can be played by the whole family. Each game set includes rules and all relevant information in Finnish, Swedish and English.

Game of Luck board game version

In the game, you will experience an action-packed year as you tread in the footsteps of medieval townsfolk of Turku. There are six interesting characters to choose from: would you play as Little Matti – familiar from Aboa Vetus’ exhibition – or would it be more intriguing to see what happens to Lady Katarina, a noblewoman living in Turku castle, or to Anna the Weaver, a skilled craftswoman? Or would you rather walk in brave soldier Sven‘s, young priest Father Johannes’ or rich Hans the Merchant’s boots? There are surprises waiting for every character along the way, and factor of luck must not be neglected as the year goes by...