Game of Luck

NEWS | Published: 24.4.2008

Let\s play in the museum! Game of Luck is a brand new game installed as a part of Aboa Vetus\ permanent exhibition. In this game, you can tread in the footsteps of medieval people for almost a whole year. Would you like to play as Little Matti or would you rather choose Father Johannes or Anna the Weaver? There are six different characters representing different society classes where you can choose from and the events treat the characters differently, depending on their social background.

Basic concept is familiar to all from the world of board games, but Game of Luck is of no ordinary scale: the game pieces are half a meter tall, the dice has to be throwed with both hands and the game route winds on the floor for tens of meters.

Game of Luck is intended to be played by the whole family. The game can be played in Aboa Vetus in between temporary exhibitions, this time until end of May.