Discovery of the Week week 33

NEWS | Published: 10.8.2009

Fragments of a Beaker with Applied Glass Threads

This summer´s last Discovery of the week are fragments of a fine medieval glass beaker. The fragments belonged to a Bohemian beaker with applied glass threads which is called Fadenrippenbecher in German. It was a beaker made of colourless glass which was decorated with vertical ribs that decreased towards the bottom of the beaker. The upper part of the ribs was usually decorated with blue glass thread spots. Two types of the Fadenrippenbecher were produced of which the wider and shorter one was more common. However, people of the Baltic Sea area preferred the other, slender and tall type from which these fragments are also from.

The glass beakers are fragile and only few of their fragments can be found in the excavations. In the earlier Aboa Vetus excavations, the best-preserved beaker of Turku has been found. It is on display in the museum.