Discovery of the Week week 30

NEWS | Published: 20.7.2009

Flintstone Pieces

This week´s discovery are flintstone pieces found in the summer excavations. Flintstone is a dense and hard stone whose color can vary from almost black to light. In Finland, there are no natural deposits of flintstone and so it has been brought here e.g. from Russia and from the southern parts of Scandinavia. In the course of time, flintstone found its way to Finland´s coasts as ballast in ships.

Flintstone splits into thin and sharp flakes and, in the Stone Age, various kinds of stone items were made of it. From prehistoric time onwards, flintstone has also been used to light a fire. In the Middle Ages, the fire-raising equipment called tulukset, a kind of tinderbox, consisted of firesteel and flintstone or a piece of domestic quartz. As one hits flintstone against iron firesteel, sparks emerge and they kindle a fire. Flintstone has also been used in the so-called flintlock from the 17th century onwards.