Discovery of the Week week 29

NEWS | Published: 13.7.2009

A Piece of an Abundantly Ornamented Glass Vessel

The week\s discovery is a piece from the side of a glass vessel dated to the turn of the 14th - 15th century. The vessel made from colourless glass is ornamented with colourless and blue glass threads and -ribs. The used technique connects the item to a Bohemian glass-manufacturing tradition, but the decoration pattern itself is special.

Bohemia, which nowadays belongs to the Czech Republic was an important glass-manufacturing centre in the Middle Ages. Glass items were carried along from Bohemia to Northern Europe by the German order of knights. The order of knights, along with the Hanseatic merchants, ruled over the trade in the Baltic Sea during the 14th and in the beginning of the 15th century. The elegant Bohemian glasses are typical findings on the south coast of the Baltic Sea, in Estonia, Finland and on the east coast of Sweden. These pieces are rare in western Scandinavia because the trade of the order of the knights didn\t reach that far.