Discovery of the Week week 28

NEWS | Published: 6.7.2009

A piece from the base of a stoneware vessel

The Discovery of this week is a piece from the base of a stoneware vessel. The piece belonged probably to a tall jug or a tankard. The vessel was made using a potter´s wheel. On its outer surface, there is decoration and remains of brown salt glaze. The bottom rim of the vessel had a decoration pressed with fingers.

Ceramics called stoneware are fired in very high temperatures. In high temperature firing, the clay body sinters and it becomes very dense and waterproof. Stoneware did not suite cooking because sintered clay begins to crack in the reheating. Waterproof stoneware vessels are best suited as containers or drinking vessels for various liquids. In the Middle Ages, stoneware was made especially in the potteries located in the area of present Germany. These vessels found their way to Turku as merchandise or brought by German bourgeoisie.