Discovery of the Week week 27

NEWS | Published: 29.6.2009

Teeth From the Backyard of a Merchant´s House

For this week´s discovery, excavated animal teeth have been selected.
From the teeth, the age of the animal can often be deduced. These
foundings also include a yet unerupted tooth, deciduous teeth as well
as very worn-down teeth. The teeth of carnivores and herbivores also
differ. A carnivore uses its sharp teeth to tear meat, while a
herbivore needs flat teeth to chew plant matter.

Top line from left to right:
Deciduous teeth and a permanent tooth of a sheep or goat, bovine deciduous teeth and permanent teeth.

Bottom line from left to right:
A piece of hare´s molar, an
uneroded canine tooth of a pig, a jawbone of a pike which still has one
tooth, and a tooth of a rat or squirrel.