Discovery of the Week week 25

NEWS | Published: 15.6.2009

A Piece From the Base of a Tripod Pipkin or Frying Pan

This week´s discovery is a piece of a tripod pipkin or frying pan made from red clay. The piece dates back to the 15th or the 16th century and it belonged to the base of the vessel: it has also remains of one leg. On the inner surface of the piece, there are remains of lead glaze. Flames have darkened the skin of the pot when the vessel was used in cooking.

Redware ceramics were the most common and widely spread ceramic products in Western and Northern Europe from the 15th century until the 18th century. Red clay was richly available and it was easy to shape. Redware vessels withstood open fire and, because of their good thermal conductivity, they were excellently suitable for cooking. The tripod pipkin and frying pan were precisely the most common types of redware ceramics in the whole Western Europe.