Discovery of the Week week 24

NEWS | Published: 8.6.2009

A Rim Piece of a Decorated Ceramic Pot

This week´s discovery is a rim piece that belonged to a ceramic pot dating back to the turn of the 16th century. The pot was made using a potter´s wheel and, on its rim, there was wavy embossed decoration. The dark color was accomplished by firing the pot under low-oxygen conditions so that the clay would not properly turn into red. Also the soot and smoke which occur in the firing of ceramics have also made the color darker. This ceramic piece is extraordinary because of the lead glaze on its inner surface - usually, the pots darkened by firing were not glazed.

This pot is probably made somewhere in an experimental pottery in the area of the recent Western Baltic Coast, Poland or the Northeastern Germany. The pot is not of the type of ceramics that was usually exported. Probably, it has arrived in Turku in some other way, maybe brought here by an occasional traveller.