Discovery of the Week week 23

NEWS | Published: 8.6.2009

A Piece of a Beaker With Applied Glass Threads

The first Discovery of the Week of the excavations is a piece that belonged to a beaker made from thin, colorless glass. On the edge of the piece, there is still a little part of the blue glass thread that encircled the vessel. The piece was found right beneath the paving that covered the excavation area. This kind of glass beakers are typical findings in the archeological excavations in the Turku town area. These items can be linked to the glassblowing tradition of eastern Germany and Bohemia. In the Middle Ages, only the wealthiest people of the society could afford to use glass vessels in their dining tables. From these glasses, people usually drank beer and wine as the colour of the drink shone brightly through the clear glass. In the Middle Ages, glass vessels were shared by all participants of a dinner party. From the 16th century onwards, the glass vessels became more common and, by the beginning of the 17th century, they could also be found on the dining tables of common merchants and craftspeople.

The piece may have belonged to a beaker such as this one.