Discovery of the Week 29

NEWS | Published: 19.7.2010

Glass-, bone- and amberpearls

 The excavations of the summer have reached the earliest layers. As the find of the week are now introduced three pearls made of different materials. The objects can be dated by the finding place.

The amberpearl is dated to the beginning 1300´s and the glaspearl to the early 1400´s. It has been made by twisting, a typical tecnique to the Middle Ages. It was propebly with two colours from the beginning. The bonepearl is dated to the 1300´s. Bonepearls where usually first cut to it´s final shape and then a hole was drilled in it. In addition, they where often also polished.

Most commonly pearls where used in necklesses. They could also be used as decorations in hats and clothes. In the Middle Ages pearls where also used in the katholic rosaries, prayer beads. Especially amberpearls where typical in the rosary. Amberpearls and glaspearls tells about the wealth of the people in the 1300´and the 1400´s, because they where brought here from abroad. Even making a bonepearl requiered special skills.