Archaeologist`s find: Time cigarette carton

NEWS | Published: 3.6.2016
Time cigarette carton, 1960s

This summer Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova conducts archaeological excavations in the cellar of the museum`s office building, Konsulinna, situated on the same lot as the museum. The site has very likely been inhabited since the 14th century. During the summer we display finds from the excavations in the museum`s lobby and on our webpage.

Archeological finds excavated from the topmost ground layers in a city rarely surprise a researcher. This time, a carton of personnel cigarettes for the employees of the Rettig tobacco factory was found on the surface of the cellar. Double-filtered Time-cigarettes were a novelty of the 1960s, marketed as a product of cutting edge technology. The marketing campaign t included a promotional single “Time for a Time”, sung by Laila Kinnunen, a popular pop tune singer in the 60s.