Archaeologist`s find: Piece of late medieval wooden building

NEWS | Published: 6.9.2016

This summer Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova conducts archaeological excavations in the cellar of the museum`s office building, Konsulinna, situated on the same lot as the museum. The site has very likely been inhabited since the 14th century. During the summer we display finds from the excavations in the museum`s lobby and on our webpage.

The damp medieval layers of Turku preserve organic material, such as wood and bones exceptionally well. During archaeological excavations under office building Konsulinna a hexagonal sill of a burned-down house was found.  The sill belonged most likely to a barn or a shed. The wall of the building was covered with birch bark to keep the dampness out, and it was apart from the burned upper area in relatively good condition. Pieces of pottery from the 15th century were also found from the same archaeological layer which supports the dating to 15th century.