Archaeologist`s find: coins from the Vasa era

NEWS | Published: 2.8.2012

During the summer 2012 only two coins have been found from the excavations; a two öre coin (1) from 1573 and an one öre coin (2) from 1615. Both have been coined in Stockholm during the Vasa era; the Vasa family's sheaf of grain is pictured on one side of the coins. The older money is from the era of King John III and the younger from Gustavus Adolphus' time. Whereas John III is better known in Finland as Duke John, the master of Turku Castle, Gustavus Adolphus is famous for his Vasa-ship and as the hero of the Thirty Years' War. As Sweden acquired a monopoly in copper, Gustavus Adolphus began to coin copper money. By the end of the 16th century, a two öre coin bought a meal and a beer.

Coin 1:

Coin 2: