Archaeological find of the week (26th week); the hvid-coin

NEWS | Published: 25.6.2013

A hvid-coin has been found from the archaeological excavation of Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova. The hvid-coin, worth three Swedish penningar, is a memento from the era when Sweden (and therefore also Finland) belonged to the Kalmar Union. The coin was minted by the Union king Christian I of Denmark during mid-15th century. A heraldic shield with a cross motif is depicted on the side of the coin that is preserved better. The motif is framed with the text Mon(eta) Ma(l)moien(sis), "minted in Malmö". In the 15h century one could have bought with the coin e.g. a pint of Gotlandic beer worth two Swedish penningar. Since the pay for a day's work was 48 Swedish penningar, that is 16 hvids, the coin did not have very high monetary value.