Works from the museum's art collection

Ars Nova

The upper floor of the museum is usually dedicated to the museum’s own art collection. The museum has almost always the opportunity to show a selection from its permanent collection of over 650 works.

The displays and themes are changed regularly. Each selection shows well-known classics from the collection, as well as works that have spent more time in storage. This keeps the collection alive and accessible and the works tell a different story every time they are on show.

This exhibition shows Finnish contemporary art and international modernism. Both have been central to the collection since it was founded.

Juhana Blomstedt: Thunder (from series Dangerous Nursery), 1998, acrylic on canvas
Kauko Lehtinen: A Happy Meeting, 1975, acrylic and gouache on paper
Mika Natri: Wave I, 2014, acrylic on canvas
Ulla Rantanen: Short Life, 2006, acrylic on canvas
Reima Nevalainen: Anatomical Study III, 2015, acrylic and paper on canvas
Kaisu Koivisto: Silver Fox 2011, zinc plated steel, glass
The exhibition is on display in the second floor of the museum.