Saara Ekström: AMNION

Ars Nova

In this exhibition Turku-based artist Saara Ekström shows works from 2017 to 2019. This is her first private exhibition at Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova.

Ekström is known for her elegant photography and video works. During the last few years her focus has been on experimental filmmaking. The AMNION exhibition is centered and paced around works shot on black and white 8 mm cine film, which are supplemented by a range of new photographs and installations.

The polarities of nature and technology, cleanliness and filth and temptation and repulsion find a common ground in Ekström’s art. This juxtaposition allows for a number of surprising associations and interpretations. 

The worlds presented in these works are beyond any strict definition of time or place, but the examination of memory and oblivion at their core is keenly topical. Are we losing our way with nature? What links modern humanity to history?

The exhibition and the artist’s work are supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Finnish Cultural Foundation, AVEK and Youkobo Art Space. 

Saara Ekström: Grand Macabre, 2019, pigment print, 330 x 800 cm. Photo: Jari Nieminen.
A view on the AMNION exhibition