Anniversary Exhibition of the Turku Artists' Association

Ars Nova

Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova Congratulates the Turku Artists’ Association on their 95th Anniversary!

The Turku Artists’ Association was founded 95 years ago, in 1924. It has remained an indispensable actor in supporting and furthering artistry in the Turku region. The association has organised a host of exhibitions and events to cement Turku’s reputation as a city of art. In 2019 the association moved onto the premises of the Kunsthalle at the Old Town Hall.

To celebrate this anniversary, the museum has invited members Turku Artists’ Association to present their work in its exhibition space. These fourteen guests of honour have put their latest works on display, offering us a window into the state of visual arts in Southwestern Finland today. 

The exhibition presents works by the following artists and artist groups:

Vesa Aaltonen
Erika Adamsson
Anna Aho
Heini Aho
Sanna Kananoja
Lotta Leka, Ulrika Hagqvist, Marjo Yli-Antola
Ilona Niemi
Sakari Peltola
André Peterdi
Leena Pylkkö, Lisa Roberts, Laura Naukkarinen

Vesa Aaltonen: Heritage I, 2019. Fotosec® (pigment print, dibond board, acrylic), 70 x 100 cm.
Vesa Aaltonen: Heritage II, 2019. Fotosec® (pigment print, dibond board, acrylic), 70 x 100 cm.
Erika Adamsson: Darjeeling, 2019, oil on aluminium, 136x136 cm . Photo: Jussi Tiainen
Erika Adamsson: Perception, 2019, öljy alumiinille, 136 x 136 cm. Photo: Jussi Tiainen
Ilona Niemi: Disco inferno / Return of the rebel angels, 2019, acrylic and varnish on board, disco ball. Photo: Jari Nieminen
Sakari Peltola: Interview with a clerk of the National Diligence Training Association, 2017–2019, red and gray granite, diabase, light. Photo: Jari Nieminen.
Sakari Peltola: Zon descends deeper into the cogs of society, 2017-2019, red granite, diabase
André Peterdi: 2372979, 2018. resin and pigment on board, 150 x 180 cm
Laura Naukkarinen, Leena Pylkkö and Lisa Roberts: SOUND CLEANER (2019). The work invites you to pick up and listen to sounds while posing as a cleaner. Simply put on the headphones and, with the modified mop, sweep your way along the flor through the gallery spaces. Soon you will hear the sounds that will transport you to another place or time through the dreams of a cleaner. Photo: Lisa Roberts, 2019
Laura Naukkarinen, Leena Pylkkö and Lisa Roberts: SOUND CLEANER (2019), site-specific sound installation. In cooperation with Kiilto Oy. Photo: Jari Nieminen.
Heini Aho: Patch 2019, paint, rebarring steel, video. Photo: Jari Nieminen.
Lotta Leka, Ulrika Hagqvist, Marjo Yli-Antola: Tiuhta – A folk art intervention in the contemporary art space, 2019, garden swing, oil painting, yarn. Photo: Jari Nieminen.
Anna Aho: Map of flaws, 2019, acrylic on plastic, video. (detail)
Sanna Kananoja: Mountain, 2018–2019, tempera on canvas. Photo: Jari Nieminen.