Ars Nova 3.4.−30.8.2020
An extensive private exhibition by the award-winning artist presents series of photographs on which the artist has been working for a long time, as well as recent works. The themes include northern landscape and the history of the Arctic region.
Takkahuone 3.4.−30.8.2020
A new, space-specific work by the Turku-based visual artist. The creation is part of a long-term art project entitled Searching for Utopia (2018–2021), where Haapala examines utopia from different angles. During the period 2018–2019, Haapala worked at Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova’s artist residence.
Ars Nova 11.9.2020−31.1.2021
The museum’s art collection holds 650 works of art that span the entirety of art history in Finland and the rest of the western world. The earliest works in the collection date to the end of the 19th century, the latest to this very day.
Ars Nova 11.9.−22.11.2020
The award exhibition by the Young Artist of the Year. The works by Aapo Huhta have a documentary basis, but his photographs also reflect personal observations and stories.