Museum Shop

Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova’s Museum Shop is a plentiful gift shop, which is easy to pop in to even without visiting the museums exhibitions. The Museum shop is known for its abundant collection of postcards, delicious soft black liquorice called Turun tumma (Turku’s dark), jolly toys and elegant jewellery.

The Museum Shop is also a book store, specialised in books about history and art. There are both research and general literature, and a wide variety of books about Turku. Among the shops’ art literature there are both publications of current exhibitions and more general publications of contemporary art.

In the Museum Shop there are many favourites of our customers, but there is also always new and interesting products for the customers to find.  The selection also changes from season to season.

Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova museum also has a regular customers’ program. There are many benefits for a regular customer, including a 10% discount of the shops’ selection. The application can be filled at our register and the benefits will be at your disposal right away.

Katapultti kynäterotin 3€Eläinfiguurit 2€ kplIhmeskooppi 4€Vahataulu 25€Munniharppu 5€Jääkaappimagneetit 5€ kplSammakkoprinssi (2cm) 2,5€Ankka-teesihti 10€Eläkesäästökukkaro 35€Karjalanpiirakkakukkaro, large one 13€, small one 9€Turun puretut talot -pienoismalli, iso 3,5€, pieni 2,5€Washi-teippi 3€Pajuritsa 5€