Paula Korhonen: Kumulaatio


Kumulaatio, an exhibition by Paula Korhonen, aims to deconstruct and reassemble the world around us. Kumulaatio is Korhonen's graduate thesis for the TUAS Arts Academy.

Parts, Whole, Deconstruction

Paula Korhonen's works explore our connection to greater wholes by disassembling them into their base components. The exhibition showcases ink drawings and sculptures that share a common theme of deconstruction, assembly and division. The small parts that make up a greater mass appear differently on closer inspection. Every piece has its vital place.

The origin of the ink drawing technique used here is Korhonen's late father and the techniques he used in his artistic work in the 1970's.

”People today have distanced themselves from nature and divided into camps of us and them. I am trying to reconnect with a unified whole by deconstructing everything around us and reassembling it to eliminate our separation.”

The bronze sculpture Salaisuus is made of several distinct components. The work can be touched and handled by anyone. A fruit, signifying life, has been divided into pieces and cast in bronze, into a hand made conceptualization of an avocado.

A Shared Connection

Korhonen works in a deliberate and time consuming fashion. This highly detailed work also has meditative qualities; the slow disassembly and reassembly of small parts allows for a deeper connection with the universe. The time spent on each individual part can be seen as a layer of thought, personality or history, cumulating from the origin of everything to this moment.

Korhonen believes that focusing on details allows us to see the whole. If we do not know each individual tree, we can never see the entire forest.

”I am the sky and the earth. I am you.”

Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova offers the Omatila gallery for use by one artists graduating from the TUAS Arts Academy each year.

The Omatila gallery is open to the public, free of charge, every day from 11 am to 7 pm.

Paula Korhonen: Salaisuus, 2017. Photo: Nelli Pietiläinen.
Paula Korhonen ripustamassa näyttelyään Omatila-galleriassa. Kuva Jari Nieminen
Paula Korhonen: detail of the work Keskeneräinen, 2017. Photo: Paula Korhonen.
Paula Korhonen: detail of the work Koherenssi, 2017. Photo: Paula Korhonen.
Paula Korhonen: yksityiskohta sarjasta Kumulaatio, I-IV, 2017, tussi paperille. Kuva Jari Nieminen.
Näkymä Paula Korhosen näyttelystä Omatila-galleriassa. Kuva Jari Nieminen.