Ars Nova

Above the underground Aboa Vetus is the the former Rettig palace which now functions as a museum of contemporary arts – Ars Nova. The first floor of Ars Nova displays annually four changing exhibitions while an exhibition from Matti Koivurinta Foundation's art collection can be found on the second floor twice a year. Some of the temporary exhibitons also fill Ars Nova's second floor. This is also where Takkahuone-gallery is located.

Ars Nova has a space of all together 600 square metres reserved for contemporary art. The Rettig palace, which was originally designed as a private home for the Rettig family, now functions as an art museum. Exhibition rooms of various sizes go around the second floor of Ars Nova – together these rooms form an intimate space. The first floor shows merely small signs of the space's original purpose as the palace's cellar.

Several bedrooms of the Rettig family were once located on the Ars Nova's second floor. Original interior design can still be seen in the exhibition space, e.g. a green marble bathroom or a hall covered with hardwood. The second floor is very different from Ars Nova's first floor as an exhibiton space mainly because from the upper floor the viewer can admire the fantastic view over the Rettigrinne's garden and Nunnankatu.


12.09.2014 to 01.02.2015
Made in Spain features a selection of Spanish artists from the collection: Salvador Dalí, Guillem Nadal, Pablo Picasso, Antonio Saura, Antoni Tàpies and Manolo Valdés. The works date from the 1960s to our day.
14.11.2014 to 01.02.2015
Radoslaw Gryta is a multitalented sculptor who handles masterfully both wood, stone and even metal. The scale of his art ranges from grains, under one centimeter in length and carved from wood, to massive sculptures weighing several tonnes.


13.02.2015 to 31.05.2015
The graphic artist Annu Vertanen is known for her masterly woodcuts. The works of the internationally successful artist are testimonies to her outstanding skill in the use of line and layers.
10.06.2015 to 30.08.2015
The seventh international Turku Biennial will host 18 top contemporary artists or artist groups from Finland and other parts of Europe. The exhibition consisting of new works will be complemented by a wide variety of supplementary events.
11.09.2015 to 01.11.2015
The Young Artist of the Year is one of the best known art awards in Finland.  Every year, the award exhibition brings a talented contemporary artist under the age of thirty-five into the limelight. The exhibition will be realised in collaboration with Tampere Art Museum.
27.11.2015 to 28.03.2016
In the middle of the winter season of 2015–2016, Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova will present miniature worlds of dolls’ houses from the Victoria and Albert Museum of Childhood. The exhibition will be set on the first floor of Ars Nova and the theme will continue with interactive elements in Aboa Vetus.