Aboa Vetus

Aboa Vetus is a historical museum and a roofed archaeological area underground. It explores the vast and fascinating history of Finland's oldest city in the middle of real ruins.

Historically speaking the museum area belongs to one of medieval Turku's four main districts – The Convent Quarter. The majority of the ruins, path ways and basements found in the museum are indeed from the Middle Ages. The oldest cellars have been dated to the 14th century while some of the ruins also show soil layers of urban dwelling until the beginning of the 20th century.

The permanent exhibiton of Aboa Vetus tells the tale of old Turku and its inhabitants with the help of archaeological finds and vitrin texts. Temporary exhibitions present various interesting themes such as the sound world of medieval Turku, the inhabitants of the Convent Quarter through centuries, or children's life during the Finnish Middle Ages.