Omatila 26.4.−27.5.2018
An exhibition created by the members of the museum’s afternoon club for schoolchildren of the 1st to 4th grades.
Ars Nova 27.4.−2.9.2018
The colourful and playful images in the paintings by the Ukrainian folk artist Maria Prymachenko (1908–1997) take us to the world of tales and mythologies. The works of the artist are on display in Finland for the first time.
Ars Nova 27.4.−30.9.2018
The displays of the museum’s art collection present works from the recent history of Finnish and Western art.
Takkahuone 27.4.−5.8.2018
The works of this Israeli–Dutch artist couple emerge from interaction with people they have met.
Omatila 8.6.−2.9.2018
A summer workshop and exhibition, where the museum visitors can do embroidery and felt work in the spirit of Maria Prymachenko.
Takkahuone 10.8.−30.9.2018
New paintings by a Turku-based artist.
Ars Nova 14.9.−2.12.2018
The Young Artist of the Year award brings annually a talented artist under the age of thirty-five into the limelight. The Young Artist of the Year 2018 is J. A. Juvani. The exhibition will be realised in collaboration with Tampere Art Museum.
Omatila 14.9.−28.10.2018
Inspired by the Bony Tales exhibition, visitors’ drawings with animal motifs are on display in the Omatila gallery. The exhibition provides an opportunity to share memories of animals with others.
Ars Nova 19.10.2018−17.3.2019
Villa von Rettig, which now houses the Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova museum, is a central building on the eastern bank of the River Aura. The cultural-historical exhibition will shed light on the architecture and interior of the palace completed in 1928. 
Ars Nova 14.12.2018−17.3.2019
Choices from the museum art collection made by pupils on the 8th grade. The exhibition is designed and realised by a group of secondary school pupils participating in the Taidetestaajat (Art Testers) project in collaboration with the museum.